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Jesse Terry Fall House Concert

OCTOBER 16, 2021 – Award-winning singer-songwriter, JESSE TERRY performed at this special event with the amazing Tommy Geddes on drums and Jim Fogarty on guitars and pedal steel

Jesse’s transcendent life and music make him one of the most prolific indie artists today. His music is polished, and yet mature and vulnerable. His lyrics are rich and complex. It is profoundly some of the most beautiful music you will find in the indie world today. And his gentle and charismatic personality will draw you into his music in some pretty amazing ways.

With multiple LPs including The Runner, Empty Seat On A Plane, Stay Here With Me, Natural, Stargazer, and Kivalina, this salt of the earth musician’s lyrical mastery, emotional depth, and soothing voice have been compared to the likes of Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne, and James Taylor. I find he brings a smooth and glassy vocal quality similar to Paul Simon in his youngest days. Yeah – he’s THAT good!

Oh – and he’s a hell of a father to his beloved daughter Lily and deeply passionate husband to his gorgeous wife, Jess. We were honored to have them stay with us overnight and get to know them all better.

Jesse has just released a critically acclaimed new album, When We Wander which you really need to check out. PLEASE support this talented musician and purchase a copy of his music!! Money back from me if you can’t find at least ONE lyric that sears into your soul.

Check Out Jesse’s music and videos!

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