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J.D. Malone (and most of the Experts)

Sometime around July 2000, Jen and Greg stumbled across a band, sitting on bar stools, and playing acoustic tunes on a bar deck on Rehoboth Bay.  They were hooked.  The band was s Steamroller Picnic. The founder and frontman was J.D. Malone.

Steamroller Picnic was without question one of the best cover bands we’d ever seen and J.D.’s talent, charisma, and energy drove the Steamroller straight at you.  We ended up staying for the entire show—and it was one of the best dates we’ve ever had.  We saw them again a few times, and were never disappointed…until we learned that J.D. had left the Picnic.

Thankfully, J.D. was not done with music.  He began to focus on his own music, writing, performing, and recording.  Greg scoured the web looking for traces of J.D.’s music and found a CD JD recorded with Gerry McWilliams.  In May 2008, J.D. released his first solo EP, Dia de los Muertos.  We found that and played the heck out of it as well.  How could you not love “I’ll Be Your Man?!”  In April 2010, with the release of Use This Side and Save My Face, we were introduced to his amazing band, The Experts. 

July 12, 2011, J.D. Malone and the Experts released Avalon, an amazing studio CD set with tunes that absolutely infect you. We were honored to have been able to be at the CD release party in Phoenixville, PA, where thee band also recorded a truly powerful Live recording, “Perform.” Yes, that’s Greg whistling at the end of almost every song!

Over the years, when asked, “Dad, what do you want for your birthday?” it became a running joke to reply with “Nothing, but if you want to make me happy, have J.D. Malone come and sit on my patio and sing a few songs for my birthday.”

Our bright-eyed optimistic young daughter Alison took me seriously.  She pressured Jen to give it a try.  Jen emailed J.D. and J.D. was an enthusiastic “yes,” and here we are.

We’ve tried to share J.D.’s music with others when we could and have always wanted more people to hear him play.  We’ve been blessed to have him play here 3 or 4 times now – and he’s quite a favorite here in our town – we get asked constantly, “When’s he coming back?” “Hopefully soon and often” is the standard reply.

Check out J.D.’s music – his band is world class, backed by some of the most talented musicians your ever going to hear – and some of the kindest souls you’ll ever encounter.

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